V3 (24V+12V) Black Demon(Powered-Up Version)Heavy Duty Jumper/Jump Starters/Emergency Car Starter

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Detail Specifications

Detail Specifications / Descriptions
● 40cm (Length) x 26 cm (Width) x 30 cm (Height)
● Weight : standard type 23 Kg
● Charger : Input AC 100~240V, Output DC 24C
● Charging Power : AC 100~240V charger, 50/60 Hz, CE /UL, etc.
● Battery specifications : Non-leadage lead-acid battery, DC 24V 33A/Hr
● Range of vehicles : 24V series gasoline (diesel) vehicles

● High Brightness LED Llights X 2
● Flashing Warning Light X2
● Voltmeter
● Output line 12V (optional)

1. Bigger in size, heavy in weight
2. Built-in high-efficiency super-efficiency battery
3. Belongs to special heavy vehicles
4. Suitable for frequent use and professional car repairers

● At present, it is the strongest product among V POWER 24V truck rescue product. Most of them are used by military vehicles, heavy engineering vehicles, and large agricultural machines, and are suitable for trucks over 35 tons .

*****V3 startups are all special vehicles, and the video should not be made public.