HPMJ Unveils Innovative Solution for High Current Environments

In light of the increasing prominence of electric vehicles in the global market, the heightened frequency of construction and maintenance within high current environments has emerged as a significant concern. In response to this trend, HPMJ Co., Ltd. has innovatively developed a patented MPP high-current overcurrent special connector, offering a strategic solution to address this pressing situation.

HPMJ's MPP high-current overcurrent special connector stands as a reliable solution, ensuring stable and safe electricity supply and distribution for various vehicle power connections. Its versatile application extends across diverse scenarios, encompassing indoor and outdoor settings such as performances, conferences, public events, and park exhibitions, as well as specific applications in electric motors, power conversion, inter-car jumpers, electric generators, and mining and construction sites.

Furthermore, the product boasts the capability to carry over 300 amps of DC overcharge, exhibiting an impressive overcharge rate exceeding 90%. Addressing various needs, the copper-made stylus can be customized with different hole diameters, including Dia. 38 square meters, Dia. 22 square meters, and Dia. 14 square meters. Its thoughtful design ensures easy installation for staff, and the patented spring design caters to satisfying customized user requirements. Notably, the product's cost is lower than Anderson connectors, establishing a substantial competitive advantage in the market.

HPMJ specializes in the professional manufacturing of batteries, emergency car starters, and MPP high-current overcurrent special connectors. With numerous patents and certifications, including CE and FC certificates, the company ensures high-quality products. HPMJ welcomes OEM cooperation from various industries and sectors.

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