HPMJ rolls out new emergency car starter Powered-Up Version 24V+12V

∎Kuo Fang-lin

HPMJ Co., Ltd. professionally produces emergency car starters and has developed high-powered lead vehicle starters that are non-leak acid battery designs, able to withstand DC 12V/14AH charging specifications. The company's featured innovative design of the battery shell makes for better bearing current capacity and reduces the chances of product failure. HPMJ's jump starters are compatible with starting 12V to 24V vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, 24V large-sized trucks, buses, and ATVs.

The new Powered-Up Version 24V+12V series features three products, all capable of restarting large vehicles and machinery in the 24V/12V vehicle range. The V3-33AH Black Demon comes in 23kg and is suitable for professionals that highly rely on reliable emergency car starters on a day-to-day basis for trucks over 35 tons, including tour buses, container trucks, excavators, semi-trailer trucks, military tanks, heavy-duty construction vehicles, large-scaled agriculture machinery.
The V2-20AH Big Roadside Saver at 18kg is geared towards tour buses, container trucks, excavators, semi-trailer trucks, and forklifts, while the smallest V1-14AH Small Roadside Saver at 11kg is designed for users with less-frequent needs.

The company began its operations as a manufacturer of emergency vehicle jump starters for roadside vehicle recovery of 12V to 24V racing boats, passenger cars, trucks, heavy-duty trucks, buses, and military vehicles. HPMJ prioritizes user safety by equipping its jump starter set-ups with patented reverse polarity alligator clamps that have obtained multiple countries' patents. To request more information, please refer to HPMJ's phone at (04)2693-7677.

HPMJ introduces three new car starters in its newest product line, the “Powered-Up Version 24V+12V series.”