HPMJ. Co., Ltd.--HPMJ Reverse Protection Alligator Clamp obtains patents in multiple global markets

HPMJ Reverse Protection Alligator Clamp is completely packaged in PVC material, with its patented design focusing on user protection. With the PVC material covering the area where users need to squeeze down the alligator clamp with both hands, the user is protected from touching the wires, battery, and prevents accidental contact with electrical current. For a second-layer of protection, a failsafe tripping mechanism is built into the clamp design, which cuts off electrical currents when the clamp handle is pressed down. This allows the user to test the clamp without concern.

If the clamps are attached to the incorrect polarity, it will emit a beeping sound to remind the user to reverse the clamps. Once the jumper cables are removed, it is also designed to automatically cut off the current. The clamp and cables are marketed around the world in an OEM manner, as the company works closely with trading companies to expand its market reach and bolster sales through diverse channels. HPMJ has acquired patents for the Reverse Protection Alligator Clamp in many countries this year as a result, namely the EU, the U.S., Japan, China, Australia, and Taiwan, making it a truly globalized product available for all vehicle owners.

The company began its operations as a manufacturer of emergency vehicle jump starters for roadside vehicle recovery of 12V to 24V racing boats, passenger cars, trucks, heavy-duty trucks, buses, and military vehicles. HPMJ prioritizes user safety through equipping its jump starter set-ups with patented reverse polarity alligator clamps that have obtained multiple country's patents. To request more information, please refer to HPMJ's phone at (04)2693-7677.

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