HPMJ Co. Ltd. make emergency mini-booster, Jump Starter and battery jumper cable, targets niches of unmet needs with Pro-Grade Quality.

HPMJ Co. Ltd. primarily focuses on developing high-performance stable lead-acid battery for vehicle emergency jump-start. The firm has targeted niches like providing emergency, backup batteries for ambulances, beach ATVs and 24V for large-sized emergency use. This year, they have rolled out a reverse battery jumper cable.

The theory behind offering such a cable is in consideration of jump-starting vehicles with dead batteries outside professional help. There should be jumper cables that offer reverse polarity protection when other vehicles step in to assist jumping a car before moving the vehicle to a repair shop, HPMJ representatives say. Non-professionals usually end up attaching reverse polarity to the battery and cause more damage to the vehicle than before. To address such user error, a beeping mechanism would sound off whenever the user ends up attaching the wrong polarity, prompting the user to change the clips. In the event of jumping a car, the amount of power going through the cables can be large; to avoid cables burning out, HPMJ has used special specification cables instead, which not only prevent burning, but also flexible enough for easy storage. The clamps on the jump cable are patented and CE and FCC certified.

HPMJ has also implemented the reverse polarity protected cables into their G5 and G7 series emergency vehicle battery packs. Whenever a vehicle's battery dies, the general consumer can use the jump start batteries to start up their vehicles without calling companies to do so, making this a professional-grade product geared towards assisting non-professionals. These products are currently popular among domestic repair shops and towing services